Make no compromise when it comes to being seen on the road.

If safety, security, site definition, restriction or separation of vehicle and worker traffic flows, limiting access to the site, onsite machinery, supplies or hazardous areas, or reducing vehicle accidents are among your road works site concerns, then look to our high visibility temporary fencing for a high performing, affordable solution.

We offer the highest visibility available. Each panel is manufactured with UV resistant reflective tape that won’t fade and is visible up to 235 meters at night. The tape used performs at the same level as professional grade reflective tape utilised in industrial safety gear and by emergency response teams around the world.

Make no compromise when it comes to the safety and protection of workers and civilians. Visible Temporary Fencing Suppliers Melbourne is the right choice for the ultimate roadside visibility and improved awareness, site security and safety.

Do the right thing and make your duty of care more visible.

Create a noticeable difference in traffic flows and people’s safety.

Whether at an airport, railway or shipyard, our high visibility fencing helps define and restrict foot traffic at all hours while supporting other visible safety measures such as strobe beacons and caution lines during night time operations.

Whether your choice to install Visible Temporary Fencing is driven by emergencies, renovations, construction, increased traffic, overflow or heightened security requirements, you need a solution that you can trust – one that makes a noticeable difference.

No matter where you deploy it, for what reason or for how long, Visible Temporary Fencing is the right choice. It provides you with the highest visibility possible, improved traffic flow and the durability demanded by even the busiest travel hub.